VacuMaster 5 CFM Vacuum Pump

Robinair VacuMaster™ vacuum pump features below. See Specifications tab for voltage, micron rating, recommended uses, dimensions and more.

  • 2-stage rotary vane design: Powerful, quiet high vacuum capability for maximum moisture removal and reduced evacuation time
  • Heavy-duty motor: Sealed bearing, high-torque design for easy startup and efficient operation
  • Angled oil drain valve: faster, more complete draining
  • Easy view sight glass: Easily see oil levels
  • Top oil fill port: Better access when refilling oil
  • Cast aluminum body: Lightweight and durable die-cast aluminum reduces weight and creates a strong, durable pump
  • Quality: Performance-tested to meet Robinair’s quality, durability and longevity standards
  • Intake screen: Prevents foreign matter from entering pumping chamber. External exhaust filter separates oil vapor from exhaust flow
  • Brass intakes: Reliable brass intake valves with Flare, ACME or both style fittings with tethered caps
  • “No Hassle” warranty: Exclusive over-the-counter replacement warranty. Robinair pumps can be returned to a distributor for an immediate exchange. U.S. and Canada only. In other locations, see your Robinair distributor
  • Multi-use: Designed for use on A/C-R systems using CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs in conjunction with mineral oil, ester oil, alkyl benzene oil, and PAG oil as lubricants
  • Not for use with ammonia or lithium bromide systems
  • Not for use with A4L or other flammable refrigerants
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Free air displacement
Factory micron rating
35 microns
Intake fitting
1/4" MFL and 3/8" Acme 3/8" FFL x 1/2" Acme adapter
Oil capacity
7.5 oz. (220 ml)
Motor size: 1/3 hp
115V 60Hz
CSA, as of June 2020
28 lbs. (12.2 kg)
10" H x 5" W x 13" L (255 mm x 123 mm x 336 mm)
Up to 50 tons (176 kW) Rooftop A/C systems, tractor/trailers, buses
Cord length
6' (1.8 m)
One Year
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15150 VacuMaster 1.5 CFM pump photo


Free air displacement 5 CFM 1.5 CFM 1.5 CFM
Factory micron rating 35 microns 115 microns 50 microns
Stages 2 1 2
Intake fitting 1/4” MFL and 3/8” Acme 3/8” FFL x 1/2” Acme adapter 1/4” flare and 1/2” Acme 1/4” MFL and 3/8” Acme 3/8” FFL x 1/2” Acme adapter
Oil capacity 7.5 oz. (220 ml) 10 oz. (300 ml) 7.4 oz. (219 ml)
Motor size 1/3 hp 1/4 hp 1/3 hp
Voltage 115V 60 Hz 110V 60Hz 115V 60 Hz
Approvals CSA CSA CSA
Uses Up to 30 tons (105kW) Residential A/C, panel trucks & RVs Up to 10 tons (35kW) domestic refrigeration, passenger cars Up to 10 tons (35kW) domestic refrigeration, passenger cars
Cord length 6’ (1.8 m) 6’ (1.8 m) 6’ (1.8 m)
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