Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Robinair's transmission oil exchanger has the vehicle in and out of the service bay in less than 20 minutes! Our unique approach to exchanging fluid....through the transmission oil dipstick!

• No rusty fittings to break loose.

• Easy, convenient, and no damage to other engine components.

• Exchange oil in the pan before it passes through the transmission filter.

• It cannot be hooked up backwards.

• Three modes of operation: dipstick only, cooler line, or a combination of the two!

• Exchange accuracy approximately +/ - 1/4 qt.

• 32-quart supply tank; 34-quart waste tank.

• Unprecedented one-tenth quart flow metering for adding or subtracting fluid from the pan.

• Complete set of cooler line adapters for most foreign and domestic vehicles.

• Works with all types of automatic transmission fluid.

• Integral performance-designed hose and tool compartment with drain.

• Top-off feature -add or subtract in 1/10 qt. increments.

• "Low Fluid Alarm" and "Indicator Light" to alert operator.

• "Drain Waste" feature automatically pumps used fluid from the machine into a waste oil container.

• "Drain Pan" feature drains the pan for easy filter replacement. No mess.