TIFZX Heated Pentode Refrigerant Detector Kit

The Tool Professionals Use to Find Refrigerant Leaks

The TIF Heated Pentode refrigerant leak detector fi nds the leak faster and with more accuracy saving you time and money. Refrigerant leaks are hard to fi nd and our patented refrigerant specifi c detection eliminates ambient ‘false alarms’ by directing you quickly to the source of the leak. Comfortable and easy to use, it’s engineered for daily use in industrial or residential applications. Find the leak and close the service call quicker with the TIFZX.

Responsive. Accurate. Quick.

  • Heated Pentode® Sensor Technology
  • Visual Leak Size Indicator
  • No Calibration Required


  • Detects All refrigerants – Capable of detecting all halogenated refrigerants, including R410A
  • Tri-Color Visual Leak Size Indicator – Intensity increases as the source of a leak is detected
  • True Mechanical Pump – Provides instant response and quick clearing
  • Tactile Control Pad – Easy one touch function selection
  • Adjustable Sensitivity – One touch reset and sensitivity adjustment to pinpoint exact location of a leak.