IR Thermometer PRO 10:1

SoC (System-on-a-Chip) Technology - Complete IR design incorporated on a single chip, creating compact and lightweight design.

Innovative optical lens - high accuracy measurements over wide temperature ranges. 10:1 distance to spot (D:S) ratios available.

Laser pointer -Simply point at desired target and press the trigger for temperature reading.

High and low pass filters with audible alarms for out of range measurements.

Temperature modes - Maximum (MAX)

Visual low battery indicators; requires two "AAA" batteries.

How Infrared Thermometers Work: To measure a surface temperature, the user aims the IR Thermometer at the target, presses a button, and reads the temperature display. The device has an optical lens that collects the radiated infrared energy from the object and focuses it on the detector. The detector converts the energy into an electrical signal that's amplified and displayed as a temperature reading. An infrared thermometer measures temperature by sensing the magnitude of radiated energy at infrared frequencies. Using this data and the actual temperature of the detector, the thermometer calculates the temperature of the surface that emitted the energy.