Capable of measuring and recording the rotational, linear and surface speeds. Non-contact function makes it easy to use in hard to reach or tight spaces. Easy to handle palm sized design makes it easy to maneuver when performing traditional contact measurement. Features: Both non-contact and contact modes. Laser sighting. Operates at a distance of up to 40 in. (100 cm). Auto ranging/fixed decimal. Ability to capture and store readings. Low battery indicator. Specifications Range: Non-Contact: 6.0-99,999 RPM (rev/min), Contact: 6.0-25,000 RPM (rev/min). Accuracy: 6.0-5,999.9 RPM +/- 0.01 per cent, 5,999.9-99,999 RPM +/- 0.05 per cent. Resolution: 6.0-9,999.9 RPM 0.1 RPM, 10,0000-99,999 RPM 1 RPM. Response Time: less than 1 sec Auto Power Off: Yes, after 30 secs. Max./Min/Average: Yes, Memory: 40 points, Battery: 9V (included). Accessories: Contact adapter D master wheel, Cone adapter, - Funnel adapter, 21 in. reflective tape.