A/C System Component Flusher

The 17580 makes flushing of lines, evaporators, and condensers fast and easy.

• Closed Loop - Circulates solvent continuously through components (adapters are needed).

• Pulsing Action - Loosens dirt, corrosion, and other debris; by switching the hoses, you can also back flush.

• Air Agitation Needle Valve - Bubbles air into liquid stream to enhance cleaning action.

• Hose Adapters - Contains adapters to mate with 1/4" flare and 3/8" quick disconnect fitting kits.

• Sight Glass - Tank level sight glass for easy filling.

One gallon of flush solvent is recommended for each flush procedure. During the closed loop flush operation, the solvent is filtered through a replaceable filter before being restored to the internal storage vessel. An activated charcoal filter limits odors while solvent is being removed from the component during the purge cycle.